Subsequent family immigration

You are citizen of a third state (non-EU state), residing in Germany and want to have your family members with you?

Your family members can obtain a residence title to establish or preserve family life, respectively.

Prerequisite is:
- You, the principal person entitled, whom your family members join, hold a residence title,
- you have sufficient living space and
- your costs of living are covered.

What do you need to do to get your family to Germany?

1. Your spouse and your children have to apply at the German embassy or consulate in your home country for a residence title for the purpose of family reunification for Germany. This should be done early enough as the processing may take some time.

2. If your family members obtained a residence title, they may enter Germany.

3. When your family has arrived in Germany you have to register your family members at the Resident’s Registration Office and at the competent Aliens Department. For this you need passports, certificates of birth and marriage, pay slips or tax records as well as evidence of tenancy and maybe also further documents, depending on your individual family situation.

Legal requirements

Which legal requirements have to be complied with for the subsequent immigration of family members?

Reunification with a German family member

Subsequent immigration following a foreign family member

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