Residence title as a student who applies for a place at university

I am a student and want to apply for a university place in Germany (residence title as applicant for a place at university according to § 16 Ia, II 1 AufenthG).

You are interested in studying in Germany, but are not yet admitted to a state university or college or officially recognised university or college. Then you are an applicant for a place at university.

Applicants for a place at university can be granted a residence permit for a maximum of nine months. Required is
- to be presumably qualified to study at university and
- to prove this by appropriate (original) documents.

If you have foreign educational certificates, that do not allow you to study at university directly, you can pass an assessment exam (so called Feststellungsprüfung) and thereby receive a subject-specific university entrance qualification. For further details please contact the university, you wish to apply to.

Academic studies, language courses to prepare for academic studies or measures (e.g. the attendance of a Studienkolleg) can qualify you for a residence title according to § 16 I 1 AufenthG.