Residence title as a pupil

I am pupil and want to attend school in Germany (residence title according to § 16 V AufenthG)

Attendance of schools

A residence title for the purpose of attending school only is generally issued in two cases.

First case

A residence title can be issued in context of a temporary pupil’s exchange. Conditions are,
- that the exchange is organized with a German school or
- is organized by a student exchange organisation approved in Germany and
- the costs of living are covered during the stay.

Second case

A residence title can also be issued for the attendance of an intensive language course, if you plan a short term stay to learn the German language. It is required that
- you have daily lessons and
- the language course takes at least 18 hours per week.
- Also your costs of living during your expected stay have to be covered – for example by the assumption of all costs by your parents.

However, a regular attendance of school is generally not possible for children of third countries.


Exception: In the context of residence for family reasons or if the stay is based on another independent residence permit, a regular attendance of school is possible.

Further exceptions can be made in individual cases, for example for the attendance of boarding schools.