University graduate

I am university graduate and want to engage in employment relevant to my qualification (residence permit as holder of the Blue Card EU according to § 19a AufenthG).

Under the following conditions you can apply for the limited residence title „Blue Card EU“ in Germany.

You have to provide
- a German higher education qualification or a foreign higher education qualification recognised or otherwise comparable to a German university degree,
- a specific job offer or a working contract,
- with a minimum gross income of currently 48,400 Euros per annum or 37,752 Euros per annum in shortage occupations. (The required average annual gross income is always two thirds of the annual income limit for the assessment of contributions to the German statutory pension insurance or 52 % respectively in shortage occupations.)

The Blue Card EU is a limited residence title providing many advantages; for further details see also info-box below. For the first time it is granted for a maximum of four years. If you are employed for less than four years, the residence title is granted or extended respectively for the duration of the working contract plus three months.

Before entering Germany you can already get the recognition of your university degree.

If you cannot provide a recognition of your university degree or an assessment of your higher education degree (non-official), the Aliens Departments usually decide on basis of the proposals of the Central Office for Foreign Education (of The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs,

If you earn the required average gross annual income (see above) you do not need the approval by the Federal Employment Agency for this employment (§ 2 I No 2a BeschV).

This is different for employment in shortage occupations.

Shortage occupations are according to § 2 II BeschV especially scientists, mathematics, engineers, physicians in human medicine and academic professionals in information and communication technology.

In contrast to other highly qualified persons, graduates from these occupations generally need for their employment in context of the Blue Card EU the approval by the Federal Employment Agency. Exception: No approval by the Federal Employment Agency is needed, if you have a domestic university degree, see § 2 I No 2b BeschV.

Which advantages does the Blue Card EU provide?

Holders of the Blue Card EU may stay in all EU member states up to 90 days without visa. This only does not apply for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark.

Additionally, the residence title of the Blue Card EU permits stays up to 12 months in a third country outside the EU.

Are you holder of the Blue Card EU of an EU member state for at least 18 months and you now want to apply for a Blue Card EU in Germany, you can do this within one month after entering Germany.

There is no visa required to enter Germany. Also family members can enter Germany without a visa (§ 39 No 7 AufenthV).

The Blue Card EU can be obtained by scientists, mathematics, engineers, physicians and IT-skilled workers with a domestic degree as well as in the other occupations also by skilled workers with foreign degree without approval by the Federal Employment Agency.

In special cases also an unlimited residence title according to § 19 AufenthG can be granted.

Do you have further questions concerning this residence title? For all information on the Blue Card EU in Germany please see here:

I am university graduate and want to engage in employment relevant to my qualification, but do not have the required minimum income for the Blue Card EU or do not fulfil another requirement (residence title to exercise a qualified employment according to § 18 IV AufenthG).

If you are university graduate and get offered an employment relevant to your qualification, but your income is less than the aforementioned minimum income for the residence title Blue Card EU, you can apply for a limited residence title according to § 18 IV AufenthG to exercise a qualified employment.