Which residence titles exist?

For long term stays in the Federal Republic of Germany there are four different types of residence titles. These are
- residence permit (limited residence title)
- EU Blue Card (limited residence title)
- settlement permit (unlimited residence title)
- permanent EU residence permit (unlimited residence title).

To obtain a residence title, first of all you need to meet general requirements. That means among others you need to
- possess a passport,
- to cover your own costs of living during your stay and
- no grounds for expulsion may exist.

Which residence title is obtainable for you, depends on
- your citizenship,
- the purpose of your intended stay,
- your education or your professional qualifications respectively.

I am citizen of a member state of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or of Switzerland?

Then you require no residence title. Within the EU the right of free movement applies. For details see here: EU-citizens.

I am third country national (non EU citizen) and want to stay in Germany for a longer period of time?

Then you require a legal permit for your stay in Germany, the so called "residence title".

Which requirements do I have to meet to obtain a residence title for my intended stay in Germany?

Please select: which status do you hold?

I am pupil.

I want to apply for a place at university.

I am student at a university.

I am a vocational trainee.

I am employee.

I am a researcher.

I am self-employed.

I am unemployed and seeking for work.