Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

The decision on the application for asylum is communicated by a written notice of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

The decision contains the reasoning and instructions on legal remedies. The notice is delivered to all parties involved. If the applicant is not represented by a procedural representative, he/she also receives a translation of the decision’s essence and the instructions on legal remedies.

The decision on an application for asylum always refers to the applicant’s individual story.

If further investigation to clarify the facts are needed to reach a decision, the decision-maker can obtain information from the Information Centre for Asylum and Migration of the Federal Office that among other things provides a large database ("MILo").

Also the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) provides much information.

For the examination of documents, evidence and circumstances the decision makers may use the following tools:
- analyses of speech and text,
- physical-technical document examination,
- medical or other reports,
- contact persons of the Federal Foreign Office and
- officers of the Federal Office working abroad.

Decision possibilities and consequences of the decision

Exemplary decision possibilities in the national procedure and their legal consequences for residence:

If the conditions for all types of protection status are not met, the applicant receives a negative decision with the order to leave and the warning of deportation. He is then obligated to exit Germany.