Application for asylum

The applicant for asylum has to submit his/her application (if there are no special circumstances) in person to a branch office of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. This appointment attends also a translator invited by the Federal Office.

When applying for asylum, the applicant is informed on his/her rights and duties during the asylum procedure. This information is handed to him/her in writing in the applicant’s language.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees opens an electronical file and records the applicant’s personal date. All applicants for asylum, who have reached the age of 14, are recorded by the identification service; in particular photographs and finger prints are taken. This allows detecting, whether the applicant already stayed in Germany earlier – maybe under a different name - or whether another European state is responsible for conducting the asylum procedure.

When submitting the application the applicant for asylum receives a preliminary residence permission, which also serves as identification. The applicant is obligated to carry the preliminary residence permission card always with him/her and show it in case of control of persons by the police.