Conditions for issuing visa for long term stays or stays including a working permit

Stays for more than three months or stays that lead to employment, generally require a visa application. Exempt from the requirement of visas are EU citizens, citizens of EEA member states as well as citizens of Switzerland.

Citizens of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and the United States of America can obtain the required residence title also after entering Germany.

Citizens of any other states need to apply for long term visas generally before entry at the competent diplomatic mission.

Your stay generally requires the approval by the competent Aliens Department in Germany. Competent is the Aliens Department at the foreigner’s future place of residence.

In these cases, i.e. if the visa procedure requires the approval by the Aliens Department, the procedure may take up to three months or even longer. This is due to the fact that not only the Aliens Department but often also other authorities (e.g. the Federal Employment Agency) are involved.

The diplomatic mission may not issue the visa applied for prior to the approval by the Aliens Department.

Visas that entitle the holder to engage in employment do not require the Aliens Department’s approval in some cases. Then the visa procedure can be performed quicker.

The visa application form for long term stays (more than three months) can be downloaded from the internet. The original document (in duplicate) has to be submitted to the competent diplomatic mission in the language version used by the diplomatic mission.

Foreigners, who already stay in Germany, have to contact the Aliens Departments concerning measures and decisions following the German Residence Law. The Aliens Departments are supervised by the interior ministries and senators of the federal states.