Immigrate to Germany

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Only those who know their rights can perceive them!

And: sometimes you need help to perceive them.

We - as an independent non profit organization (NGO) - guide you through the german Residence Act.

After the USA Germany is the most popular country of immigration of all OECD member countries. According to several surveys, Germany has the best reputation of all countries.

Germany is founding member of the European Union as well as the union’s country with the highest population and constitutes together with 18 other EU member states a monetary union, the eurozone.

According to the nominal gross domestic product Germany is the largest national economy of Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It is the third largest exporting and importing nation.

Legal regulations

Who does not want to come to Germany regarding these facts?

There are various reasons to visit Germany on a short or a long term or to live there permanently.

Depending on the reason for a stay in Germany, multiple legal regulations concerning the entry and the stay in Germany have to be considered.

Why Germany?

Our guidebook leads you through these regulations. Please select:

Why do you want to come to Germany?

Holidays, visit friends or relatives

You want to come to Germany on holidays or visit relatives or friends?

Education and employment

You want to
- go to school,
- apply for a place at university,
- study or
- do a vocational training,
- work
in Germany?